Taking a Tech-Free Weekend – Is it Possible?

TechFreeI’m sitting here writing this on Saturday morning after total lack of sleep last night. Apparently, our college-student neighbors think our quiet residential neighborhood is their own personal campus as evidenced by their full-blown party last night lasting until nearly 2 a.m.

Hey, I get it. I was a college student once, too. It’s the end of summer, classes are starting soon and I know it doesn’t take much for college students to have a reason for a party. However, this isn’t campus. This is a middle-class neighborhood full of families with people who have to get up and go to work the next morning.

I Still Have 5 Years Left …

My kids... 2010

My kids… 2010

There are lots of other families out there like us, I know it. We have good friends that are and it’s not unusual any more in this century. With second marriages and kids, how could there not be?

Yet, in starting this journey, I see SO many blogs and sites addressing women over 50 and the empty-nest. Maybe that’s the majority, I don’t know. All I know is…

Not All Women Over 50 Are Empty Nesters

I had my sons in my 20′s. 23 and 25 to be specific. Looking back, yes, that was pretty young. I found myself divorced at 28, a single mom for the next 10 years and then I met my husband in 1997.

Seriously… I Was Just 35 ‘Yesterday’

welcomeHi and welcome, welcome, WELCOME to my new personal space on the web! I have to admit, this first post is a bit challenging for me. I’ve been business blogging for so-o-o long now (nearly a decade), it may take me a few posts to allow myself to just be me.

So bear with me, o.k.? Thanks!

Seriously… I Was Just 35 ‘Yesterday’

I’m not kidding. I blinked and the last 18 years have flown by! I have 2 grown sons (30 and 28) and a 13 year old daughter. You’re secretly doing that math to figure out how old I am, I know. It’s o.k. I’m not one of those women who shudders when you ask how old she is.



Hi! I'm Patty Gale, a '50-something' (when did THAT happen?) mom of 3, wife, blogger, biz owner and feisty Italian (seriously, I was just 35!) Join me as I navigate through this chapter of my life with grown kids, teen kids and a fluffy golden retriever. Get blog updates by subscribing below.

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